Off for conservation…


Off for conservation...

Next week Lucretia will be leaving Hardwick for conservation at the National Trust Textile Conservation Studio, after a hundred years in the Entrance Hall

The piece is part of 5 embroideries that are known as the ‘Virtuous Women’, one of which; ‘Cleopatra’ now does not exist

Penelope has already returned from conservation just this month! – After leaving in 2011. The piece depicts the story of the wife of Ulysses, and represents her virtues while waiting for the return of her husband from war

Once each piece has returned from conservation they will be displayed in a brand new exhibition ‘Stitches of Time’, and we can’t wait for you to see each piece as it returns over the years!

Penelope will be on display for you to see from late June

Stepping into Spring

Since we reopened for the public in February, we’re now welcoming spring all over the estate

As we sit here at Hardwick (waiting for some sunshine to arrive, fingers crossed), we thought it might be quite nice to take a look at how Hardwick has bounced back from winter and into spring

From sights to sounds we thought we’d share it with you

So here’s just a taster of the top 5 spring spots at Hardwick …



1. Now I’m sure that one of the first things that spring to mind (no pun intended) is daffodils when thinking of spring, daffodils that seem to appear overnight. Although there are a few spots you’ll find them, where they’ve appeared we think one of the best is definitely in the south court of the gardens



2. Lamb. You may have already spotted the adorable new borns on our Facebook page but just in case we’re sharing it again, you’ll definitely see them on the drive into Hardwick in Lady Spencer’s field



3. Snowdrops – you’ll find them quite appropriately near the fairy house in the south court



4. Birds… Now you’ll see all sorts while you’re out and about but if you head down to Millers point you may just spot great crested grebes, as you’ll see in the picture above!



5. The longhorn calves; the drive in will be one of the best ways to spot them out on the estate 


We’d love it if you’d share your spring sights with us on Twitter whether it be at home or while you’re out and about using the hashtag #springwildlife at @nthardwick or share them with us on Facebook at

The Countdown is almost over..


The Countdown is almost over..

The winter clean is finished.

The dust covers are officially off and it’s only two days until we’re open for the season.

The team has been working incredibly hard to ensure the House is looking its upmost best – which hasn’t been without its challenges.

From changing the curtains (some of which require scaffolding to even be able to reach!) To dealing with snow, rain and wind… Rain that managed to find its way into the long gallery!

The clean is finished and it’s almost time to welcome you back to Hardwick.

What you’ve got to look forward to this year:This year we celebrate Smythson with have a go stone carving, parkland sculpture trails and pop up workshops

As well as that, here’s a taster of what’s going on in 2014…

First up will be the behinds the scene tour which focuses on why Hardwick was so innovative from its symmetry to privacy

April will offer Cadbury’s Easter egg trails all over the House and Gardens

May will bring the 50 things launch event where you’ll be able to have a go at den building, making mud pies, kite making, creating bug homes and snail racing

Then come the Summer holidays, with Wild Family Fun days and Films under the stars! (not to forget the BBQ that comes along with it)

We can’t wait for you to see the House, the Gardens and everything that’s going on in 2014!