What’s going on at Hardwick Park


Those of you that have recently been to the park may have noticed that some parts of it are sectioned off to the public

Firstly…A little bit of history. Some of you may well already know that Hardwick Park was once home to the only existing Duck Decoy in Derbyshire
Built in 1860 and worked with trapped doors at either end to capture wild ducks
Around the time of the Great Depression, many duck decoys fell in to disuse as was the case with Hardwick’s around 1893

So…We have some exciting news; we’re currently working on a new project! The reason that bits of the park have been sectioned off is because we’re working on restoring Hardwick’s duck decoy!
The pictures attached will help give you a little bit of an insight as to what’s been going on
We’ll be sure to keep you updated as we get on!


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