A new beginning

In March 2011, I was sitting at my work desk pondering the future – my redundancy had just been confirmed and I was on 3 months’ notice.

After some thought about what I’d like to do, I decided to apply to be a volunteer at Hardwick Hall. I wanted to do something practical outdoors and fortunately for me there was room for another volunteer with the Rangers’ Team.

I started volunteering with the Rangers in mid-June 2011. I agreed to commit 2 days a week for at least 2 months, as that would give me time to decide whether I’d made the right choice or not. By the third week, I had tried my hand at strimming, installing tree guards and orchard regeneration. The place, the work – and the people – had been a revelation and I knew I had found the new challenge I was looking for.

When the Passport to Your Future year 3 programme was published on the internet earlier this year, I had no hesitation in applying for the placement at Hardwick. Following a taster day and two interviews, I heard that I had been successful. I’ve taken my first step onto a new career ladder and it’s definitely leaning against the right building!

Janine Hagues

Keep checking vaccancies with the National Trust’s Passport to Your Future programme at http://yourfutureyourhands.org.uk/


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