Bats in the belfry

Before work started at the Stableyard, we carried out an ecology survey to find out what wildlife used the buildings. As the range was in need of repair, there were lots of spaces which could be used for nesting or roosting and we wanted to make sure we didn’t impact on any species in these spaces.

Although low in number, we did find several species of bats which used the buildings, like this lovely brown long eared bat.

With the help of pupils at Tibshelf Primary School, we built several bat boxes which were placed in the trees around the Stableyard. They provided the bats with holiday homes whilst the work was taking place. As the roof was restored, bat slates were incorporated onto the rear slopes, allowing the bats to move back into their homes.

During the final phase of restoration we will also be constructing platforms in vacant roof spaces specifically for the bats to roost on. These will have access points within the roof or gable ends of the builings.


1 thought on “Bats in the belfry

  1. I’m still reeling from climbing up to the bell-tower to photograph the restoration work in progress and the clock being put back into place! Looking forward to seeing the restored stableyard this Spring.

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