Cast of Thousands

We’re currently undergoing a major new re-branding here at Hardwick which means new leaflets, new signs and new interpretation. It’s all very exciting! Part of this has meant finding a theme or a story to centre all of this around. With the help of the big brains at Metaphor and Motif, we’ve come up with the ‘Cast of Thousands’. This cast will include all the people involved in creating Hardwick. Starting with the formidable Bess of Hardwick and moving onto her many descendants, farmers, gardeners, builders, decorators, embroiderers and craftsmen who have contributed to the creation of Hardwick over the centuries.

We’ll be highlighting the ‘creativity story’ and the ‘personal story’ of these individuals so our visitors can enjoy discovering the lives, loves and adventures of Hardwick’s cast.

So, in keeping with this, we thought featuring a little ‘character’ story on the blog every few weeks or so might be of interest to our followers. The first profile will, of course, be on Bess of Hardwick, the incredible woman who built Hardwick.

The formidable Bess of Hardwick


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